Cardiovascular cholesterol health naturally. Readings from The Wellness Zone book. Episode 8

March 21, 2019

Cardiovascular cholesterol health. Readings from The Wellness Zone 

episode 8. 

Today I was inspired to look at cardiovascular health and wellness. So, I am reading to you from my book The Wellness Zone in part one of Cardiovascular information. 

I hope you enjoy listening to me discuss what cholesterol is and what it does in your body... How to reduce cholesterol naturally using herbs, plant based medicines and foods. 

Have an awesome day 

Love Dominique Livkamal 

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Good Grief. The book about Grief. Interview with Dean Aitken

March 11, 2019

Good Grief. The Book about Grief. Interview with Dean Aitken 

Episode 7

Project Wellness with Dominique Livkamal for wellness and joy! 

I interview Dean about his new book "Good grief" which is all about coping with grief. Dean spends every day with grieving families and he has put the book together offering mutiple strategies, approaches and practical information on how to cope with grief yourself, and how to help those you love who are grieving. 

I love the helpful information he gives in this interview and his positive loving approach to helping yourself and your loved ones in the darkest of times. he talks about the five stages of grief, self help, other peoples input, how to move yourself through the grief process and timing of how this happens. Dean shares with us his techniques in developing resilience. It was a wonderful and enlightening interview. 

Deans web site is The book is sold online in ebook or you can order a copy to be sent to you! 

The picture her is me with Dean and his lovely partner Ida. 



Blessings and love 

Dominique Livkamal 


Dining with Mother Earth. Interview with Locals who live their Wellness Ben and Georgie Mckeown

March 6, 2019

Welcome to Project Wellness. 

Episode 6. 

Dining with mother earth 

An interview with Ben and Georgie Mckeown who are living in wellness and joy! 

These beautiful people have set up a successful local organic food box delivery service on Sunshine Coast in Australia where I live. I love chatting with them about their experiences with local produce and why they love organic food so much! 

I have interviewed them about how they stay well, what they do and how they achieve wellness in their lives. Georgie talks about her pregnancy too and what she did to get through a tough time as she was not well. She also talks about her diet and lifestyle choices now she has her beautiful daughter. 

Ben talks about what he does on a daily basis as a healthy vegetarian man and gives us some great tips on how he stays well and happy. 

At the end Georgie gives you some easy information on how to have seasonal smoothies all year around and how she uses end of season and second grade fruits and vegetables. 

I trust you will enjoy my podcast today. With love Dominique Livkamal In wellness and joy! 



Womens hormonal health. Recording from Long Table Wellness Day March 3rd 2019. Australia

March 3, 2019

Episode 5. 

Live Workshop Recording. Womens Hormonal Health from Long Table Wellness Day in Maleny Australia March 5th 2019. 

Join me  sharing  this live recording today from the workshop on Womens hormonal health. This is the first time we have recorded part of a workshop live and you can enjoy me explaining what the cycle is all about from a hormonal, emotional, energetic and creative perspective. 

The day was awesome. We had 15 women attend our Long Table Wellness Day. We started with herbal shots, oat straw tea and introductions and what everyone wanted from the day. Then we moved to the floor for some grounding Kundalini yoga Ra Ma Da Sa healing meditation and tuned into our own healing process. This was awakening as our perceptions altered in what we wanted to achieve from the day in a heart centred way. 

Then I gave this presentation taking into account all the participants desires. It went for longer than recorded, however I stopped the recording here after 1 hour and twenty minutes. 

We had an awesome vegetarian lunch and then in the afternoon I guided the ladies through a very directional breathing session where we did breathe work for one hour focusing on releasing anscestoral womans karma and patterns and bringing in our intentions for our own growth, development and highest good. 

The day ended with some warm golden milk, a bit of a debrief and shared gratefulness. 

Check out the recipes from the day and my blog on  my website 

I'm all about sharing Wellness and Joy 

Dominique Livkamal 

Episode 4. detox therapies readings from The Wellness Zone.

February 26, 2019

Welcome to my 4th episode of Project Wellness. 

I'm so excited as we share with you Detox therapies with Water fasting, Juice cleansing, vitamin C therapy and also bowl cleansing with herbs. 

You know how much I love wellness and joy! 

My friend Johnny said I could welcome you with a " Hey" and here we are. 

"Hey my listeners. Welcome to my podcast. Its my intention to share with you health and wellness information to bring you greater understanding of your health choices plus some wellness and joy" 

Our web site is 

Please enjoy 

Love Dominique Livkamal 


Episode 3. Detox therapies part 2. Readings from The Wellness Zone.

February 21, 2019

Welcome to Episode 3. Project Wellness 

Detox therapies Part 2. Readings from The Wellness Zone. 

Dominique Livkamal

Today in my second podcast on Detox therapies I continue with fruits and vegetables and why they are beneficial to your detox therapies. I also read you sections from my book The Wellness Zone. Today we cover Different styles of detox therapy. The any morning detox. The any evening detox. The cocktail hour detox. The evening detox dinner party. The any lunch detox. I discuss with you strategies and easily applied ways to make detoxing part of your daily routine. When you are working, travelling , at home or on a retreat. Detox therapy is for everyone. 

Episode four will continue this theme with water fasting, juice cleansing, vitamin C therapies and more. Please subscribe to this podcast as I share project wellness with you. 

Blessings and Light 



Detox Therapies Part One. Readings from The Wellness Zone

February 21, 2019


My second podcast and I'm sharing some work from my best selling book THE WELLNESS ZONE. 

Welcome to part one of Detox therapies.( part two is the next podcast) Readings from The Wellness Zone. Here I am reading to you The Detox Zone section of my Book The Wellness Zone. This podcast is just under one hour. Make a cuppa, sit back and enjoy listening to my work on Methods of detox therapies. Your detox schedule. Why take a detox? Cleansing attitude is the key to success. How to deal with hunger when detoxing. When to end your detox?. How smokers and people on drugs can detox. Is your liver dirty? herbs for liver cleansing. Cellular detoxification. The benefits of fruit and vegetables in your detox plan ( part 1) 

I hope you enjoy my readings. The e book version of "the Wellness Zone" is available on our web site. 

Blessings and light 

Dominique Livkamal 




MIndfulness with herbs and lifestyle practices.

February 13, 2019

Welcome to our first podcast with project wellness. This podcast is designed to help you with practical and applicable wellness strategies. I'm Dominique Livkamal and have spent the last 30 years working in the alternative/ natural health and wellness arena. Every day in my work I help people just like you be empowered with wellness ideas that work! 

We use herbal medicines, nutrition , foods, lifestyle strategies and positive choices to feel good and get well! 

I'm an award winning naturopath and herbalist from Australia. I've written two best selling books and want to share my learnings, accumulative knowledge and research with you! 

Today the topic is mindfulness. What you can do now to help your mind, stress levels and how to be better and sharper mentally! 

Enjoy. Love Dom